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Buckythebarber on Global News Durham speaking on the effects of the Lockdowns.
@peterbethlenfalvy @justinpjtrudeau @fordnationdougford @johntory @emilyhogeveen @peoplewhomakeadifferenceinthisworld @jagmeetsingh

Fighting for our industry

May 17th On Global News
5pm, 6pm and 11pm
Check it out

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Clip from CTV with Buckythebarber

The government doesn't support cash businesses, period.
They know exactly what there doing, I never thought Canada was like this. 😔

@peterbethlenfalvy @fordnationdougford @justinpjtrudeau @ctvnews @brandongonez

#lockdownlife #endlockdown #standup #killingourbusiness

Buckythebarber Owner of Custom Cutz Barbershop
Friday May 14, 2021 at 7am
CTV Toronto "Your Morning"


@peterbethlenfalvy @fordnationdougford @justinpjtrudeau @ctvnews @brandongonez

#lockdownlife #endlockdown #standup #killingourbusiness

I sat down with the @thetoronto_sun early this week to speak on how theses lockdowns have effected me personally, and the lack of support we've all received from our government. Change is a Must ✊🏾 I'm jus trying my best to get our government to understand fair is fair we complied with the lockdowns because we care about public safety, we've even upgraded our knowledge on Sanitation, Safety, infectious disease and hand hygiene in order to comply with @publichealthontario It's time the government has our back the lockdowns are killing us, it's time too make things right. We're paying and paying with no income coming in, spending our saving too keep our businesses going it's not right. @fordnationdougford @justinpjtrudeau @emhogeveen @peterbethlenfalvy asking on our MPP's for directions.

To help with our re opening plan please go to @beautyunitedcanada ✊🏾 Barbers, Stylist and all Personal Care Workers check it out we need all the support we can get. Let's get Open.

#ontariolockdown #toronto #durhamregion #peelregion #yorkregion #nomorelockdown #endlockdown

Last week the Durham Region News sat down with me to discuss what's going on with the Personal Care Sector and the lack of support from our Government. Check out the article at @peterbethlenfalvy @cp24breakingnews @omnitelevision @globalnewsto

Team Custom Cutz and I have completed all 6 courses by Public Health Ontario
Occupational Health and Safety, Health Care Provider Controls, Control of the Environment, Additional Precautions, Administrative Controls, Chain of Transmission & Risk Assessment. We've taken these steps with the support of Beauty United Canada and Personal Care workers all over Ontario to deem our industry safe as we our essential and we have similar training to dentist wen it comes to sanitation, work place safety and infectious disease with all covid precautions in place.
Wen it comes to Covid we our not the culprits and were taking all the right steps to prove it. @beautyunitedcanada @fordnationdougford

Watch Full Episode @buckythebarber Link in bio.

TVO The Agenda: Fighting for our industry.
Owner of Custom Cutz Barbershop speaking about Covid 19 an the effects on the personal care sector.

@colordude11 @paolagirotti @botanica_luxuryspa @namshine Speaking on Covid 19 and the Forgotten industry : The Personal Care Sector.

Fighting for our industry. #pickeringbarbers #hair #barberssupportingbarbers #stylistssupportingstylists #tvotheagenda #lifetimefitnessajax #toronto #montreal #vancouver #torontonews #lockdown #fightingforourindustry