The difference between a 20$ vs a 40$ haircut.


Is there really a difference between a $20 haircut and a $40 haircut? First off, it is important to understand that price is solely up to the Barber’s discretion; a novice barber can choose to charge $60 for a haircut and an experienced barber can choose to charge $20, it is important to ask around and make sure that you’re getting a good value for what you are paying for. One thing that can be reduced to a dollar value, however, is the range of services being offered. Often times a $40 haircut will include a shampoo, straight-razor shave, a potential beard lineup among other things while $20 may just get you the cut alone. Your decision to pay for a hair cut ultimately boils down to the look you want to achieve; for a buzzcut or easy to achieve look a consistent $10 haircut is reasonable, whereas a fade and lineup is likely to cost more as it takes more time and skill to achieve the look you want. From the barber’s perspective, a $10 cut is only worth offering if he/she can tend to 3 or more clients each hour. On the contrary, a barber offering a $40 cut can spend as long as an hour cutting a clients hair and still be profitable. What remains the most important thing, however, is that you find a barber who satisfies your needs and stick with them as your primary stylist; a consistent barber will never disappoint you

Custom Cutz Hair Consultation. Why is it the best option for you?


Custom Cutz Barbershop. Our trained barbers have decades of experience with every type of hair, and we understand that meeting your needs requires patience, commitment and the 1-on-1 consultation time that is crucial to determining potential options for a new haircut. We understand that such a change can be risky, and we stand by our clients every step of the way to assure your new look has you looking fresh and confident. While many other barbershops ignore the long-term relationship between the stylist and client that is necessary to maintaining your hairstyle, Custom Cutz embraces it and seeks to build not just a successful barbershop, but a community. A hair consultation at Custom Cutz assures that trust between you and your stylist is established prior to your decision, and helps establish the short-term and long-term steps needed to achieve and maintain your desired hairstyle. Custom Cutz Barbershop takes pride in the premium, personalized service we provide to differentiate ourselves from the competition. Don’t believe us? Book a consultation today, your satisfaction is our guarantee. You wouldn’t trust a stranger with your appearance, so why trust a stranger with your hair?